What do I do with the Alpaca fibre after shearing?


Can you imagine, you have your alpacas they are sheared and now there is a mini mountain of raw fleece. What do you do with it? There are multi purposes. For many years alpaca fleeces were produced into soft fine lustrous, light and very strong cloth suitable for the textile industry i.e. finest italian suits. Some people with skin allergies favour natural bedding, so why not treat yourself to a duvet and pillows filled with processed alpaca fleece for extra comfort, softness and plenty of warmth – YES this can be done! The arts and crafts industry would use it for spinning, weaving, felting, rug making, rovings, hand made greeting cards etc., and don’t forget the hand knitters. For some years hand knitting became unfashionable but the knitters are back with a vengeance. There are many groups of up and coming knitters plus well established knitters all over the UK, Wales, Scotland and don’t forget Northern Ireland too – multi groups of “Stitch n Bitch”, “Knit n Natter” Clubs, meeting in wool shops, cafés , pubs, you name it they are out there with all their yarns, needles clicking away !!! I joined a knitting group in our local Teign Valley in Devon and regularly enjoy workshops to learn new stitches and how to knit various garments – very wholesome and satisfying hobby especially with my own alpaca knitting yarn.


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